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image004This is me, Franceen King, PhD ...celebrating Life!! image004

I am essentially a consciousness explorer, seeking to know, realize, and express more about who and what I am, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I share the insights gained from my explorations as a teacher, trainer, healer, rebirther, coach, licensed mental health counselor, clinical sexologist, ordained minister, psychotherapist, public speaker, writer, astrologer, friend, mother, and spouse.

This "vintage" homepage includes information about me, links to my business The Self-Awareness Institute in Lutz, Florida, my schedule, and other topics related to my interests.   Due to my current travel schedule for The Monroe Institute (updated for 2020), as well as current family demands, I am not taking new clients in Florida at this time.  Also, I have not scheduled any Florida workshops.  This might change in the future, so stay tuned!  Thanks for coming by.


image007Current Products:

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE2 I am very happy to announce the publication of my new book, Waking into “The Big O” – A New Look at Sleep-Related Female Orgasms. It is filled with ground-breaking information, fascinating statistics, and intimate commentary from women ages 15 to 85, the largest group of sleep orgasm experiencers to be studied since Kinsey’s 1953 report on women’s sexuality. It answers many questions about this orgasmic enigma, and includes discussion about the relevant factors in today’s world which contribute to this response. It is available from I am no longer collecting data through my on-line survey. I’ve posted the Table of Contents and partial survey results here.  

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE Due to increased interest, I also published my doctoral dissertation on Sleep-Related Female Orgasms in book form. This is a more scholarly discussion of this topic with research and discussion about this response as it has been viewed throughout history.  It is available at from  The Abstract, Introduction, and Table of Contents are posted here. 

image010Transfiguration:  The Sacred Codes of Palenque

In 2009 I was inspired to create three sound sequences based on the Palenque Transfiguration Codes and the Christ Angle of the Great Pyramid of Giza as described in J.J. Hurtak’s Keys of Enoch.    These seem to be highly beneficial for clearing, balancing, and re-vivifying one’s energy body.  I donated these to the Church of the Creator, the church in which I’m ordained (See below).  They have now been released on CD with accompanying verbal alignments and infusions by Rev. James Germain, URI, and can be purchased at the COTC on-line store for $22 including postage.



image014Counseling and Sex Therapy

In addition to being a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with a M.A. degree in Community Mental Health Counseling, I have met Florida requirements as a designated sex therapist. I received a Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology from the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists at Maimonides University, and am a Diplomate of The American Board of Sexology. In these roles, I work with individuals and couples to address a wide variety of concerns.

image016Click here for The Self-Awareness Institute page which describes my very holistic and energetic orientation toward counseling, psychotherapy, healing, and optimal aliveness. 

image018Click here for a discussion about sex therapy specifically, and links to other sexological resources.


MonroeInstitute_RGB_Web_Mark  The Monroe Institute

Since 1986, I have conducted the residential programs at The Monroe Institute (TMI), southwest of Charlottesville, Virginia, about ten weeks per year. The Monroe Institute is world- renowned for its pioneering sound technology, Hemi-Sync®, used to alter consciousness, expand awareness, focus attention, and facilitate greater health, well-being and self-awareness. TMI was founded by Robert Monroe, author of Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey, all published by Doubleday. The Monroe Web Site provides a wealth of information including programs, products, reports from participants, applications of Hemi-Sync, downloadable sound samples, and research reports from associates around the world. By popular request, I am also including a link to my Monroe training schedule. Hemi-Sync CDs, tapes, and books are available from The Monroe Web Site and Hemi-Sync Products.


image023Hemi-Sync® Workshops in Florida

I conduct four, two-day workshops using the Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync technology throughout the state of Florida. These are The Excursion Workshop, The Advanced Excursion Workshop, Exploring Life Beyond, and Healing with Hemi-Sync. These are inexpensive, yet profound opportunities to experience this system of consciousness exploration. I also sell Hemi-Sync products and am available to speak to groups about this topic.

image007Click here for more information about my Florida Hemi-Sync Workshops.


image025Rebirthing Breathwork

I have been a professional rebirther since 1980. Rebirthing is a gentle, yet powerful process which uses the breath to clear and cleanse the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and bring about a new integration of mind, body and Spirit. It was developed by Leonard Orr in the early '70's, although it is actually a very ancient practice, related to pranayama yoga. It was originally called Rebirthing because memories from birth often surface to be healed. Besides Leonard Orr, other well-known authors in this field include Sondra Ray, Bob Mandel, Jim Morningstar, Dan Brule, Phil Laut, Jim Leonard, and Colin Sisson.

image007Click here for my Rebirthing page which includes my schedule of Rebirthing events, links to some of my related publications, and links to other Rebirthing sites.


image027Ministerial Practice

Since 1994, I have been an ordained minister in the Church of the Creator®, headquartered in Ashland, Oregon, and I have a Ph.D. degree in Clinical Pastoral Counseling. This church recognizes the One Spirit in All, incorporating many of the metaphysical, mystical, and Ancient Wisdom teachings. My favorite links page includes many topics related to transformation, transcendence and Ascension, as well as exploration of the "afterlife". My ministerial activities include participation in healing services, weddings and other ceremonies, and occasional guest sermons.



image004Happy Journeys! image004

To send me email click here. Phone: 813-971-8808.


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